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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Moving?

Jun 30


You probably know that homeowner's insurance doesn't just cover the property you live in but also your personal possessions. Contents insurance, or personal property insurance, covers personal items. The best part is that the items you own do not require to be in the home for them to be covered by homeowner's insurance. It's how you can be protected in the event of a relocation.

Important information is that your homeowner’s insurance policy is tied to you rather than the home you reside in. That means that if you move into a new house, Select Adjusters always suggest that you adjust your current policy instead of buying the new one. This is particularly beneficial because there's no gap between your coverage and that of your neighbors as you move your possessions from one area to another.

Moving coverage under the Homeowners Policy

Your possessions are not protected when you move. It is the same for any damage or loss that occurs within your home. This is only the case when the risk was specifically covered. The only thing this means is that the damage or loss was caused by an event specifically mentioned in your policy. Find out professional roofing claim adjusters near me now.


The following are covered perils that are covered by most homeowners insurance policies:


  • Hailstorms or windstorms

  • Damage caused by aircrafts and vehicles

  • The falling objects

  • Weight of ice, snow, or sleet

  • Unintentional discharge or overflowing of steam or water from the plumbing, heating, air conditioning or automatic fire-protection sprinkler system or from a home appliance

  • A sudden and accidental tearing cracking, burning or burning of the steam heating or hot water heating system, an air conditioning unit, or the automatic fire-protection system

  • Freezing of a plumbingsystem, heating air conditioning or, fire-protective sprinkler system, or of a household appliance

  • Accidental and sudden damage caused by artificially generated electricity

  • For details about the specific risks covered by your policy, make sure to contact your insurance provider.

  • If any of these covered risks happen to your possessions during the process of moving, you're covered. In the event that, for instance, the moving truck causes an accident, you'll be covered since "damage caused by aircrafts or vehicles" is covered by the home insurance policy. But if your china isn't wrapped correctly or breaks during the bumpy ride, it will not be covered.

Homeowner insurance is subject to limits

The restrictions or terms in your homeowner's policy apply during the time you are moving. The cost of the deductible (the amount you pay out of your pocket prior to insurance taking effect) is the same and so do the limits for specific items. select adjuster az will help you with this area.

Moving Company Insurance

The homeowner's insurance is in effect regardless of whether or not you decide to move your items yourself or go through an moving company.


Moving companies can provide additional protection for your belongings while they're in storage. It's best to ask these questions before you hire a moving company.


  • Will I be covered if my possessions get damaged or stolen being in the possession of the mover?

  • Are there any other insurance options that is available to me for my purchase?

  • Is there a deductible on everything I own that is lost or damaged?

  • What kinds of damages do you cover? And what kinds of damages are you not able to cover?

Learn More:

How do you prepare for insurance moving

There is a lot to be prepared for when you are moving. Contacting your insurance company for at least 2 months in advance of your move is a good idea. It is possible to discuss your policy information as well as address changes and any other changes that could be made with your insurance company. Need help and assistance from river city adjusters yuma az.



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